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Cher says that if Trump is re-elected she will leave the country

The singer is a firm critic of the Republican candidate. In 2020, she called the former president a "mass murderer."

La cantante Cher durante la semana de la moda de París celebrada en abril de 2023.

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The famous singer Cher continues to be a firm critic of Donald Trump, going so far as to say that she will leave the United States if he gets reelected to the White House. She did so during an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian where she slightly expressed her opinion of the Republican candidate: "I almost got an ulcer the last time [Trump was elected]. If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country]."

It is not the first time that the artist, who is about to release a new album, has expressed her opinion of the former president. In 2020, Breitbart recalls, the artist posted a tweet (which she later deleted) calling the former president a "serial killer":

There's a name for killing someone... its called "murder." If you murder more than one person you are a mass murderer. There are many punishments for different degrees of murder, but when someone "knowingly murders people..." the punishment is death. Trump's a mass murderer...

She did so just after publicly supporting Joe Biden. She even dedicated a song to him titled "Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe." Cher has spoken out against the former president before. In 2018, in another interview with The Washington Post, she claimed that Trump did "a lot of harm" to people in the United States:

Not this one. I wouldn’t last through what [President Trump] could do. There’s no lasting. Not even me. Not even cockroaches. I know so many young people, [and] they don’t seem to care about certain things that they don’t notice. (...) Trump has done so much damage and I’m not sure people really understand how deep the damage goes.