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"We’re coming for your children": Controversial Pride Month marches and counter-marches

Twitter users took to social media to criticize the demonstrations, including controversial chants and the presence of children.

Un asistente a la Marcha Drag en Nueva York el pasado viernes.

(Cordon Press)

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The weekend was designated to Pride Month celebrations. However, images of the various events held around the country have generated controversy, raising debate and elevating it to the most discussed topic on social media. Above all, because of the attendance of children at demonstrations such as the following one in Minneapolis:

Or the presence of naked cyclists in the Seattle parade:

New York, at the forefront of controversy

"We're here, we're queer, we're coming for your children," Drag March attendees could be heard chanting as they marched down the streets of Manhattan. Timcast News shared a video capturing the moment that occurred last Friday:

"And these people seriously wonder why society is turning against us?!," wrote Gays Against Groomers, one of the accounts that shared the video. "These people are doing more harm to our community than any actual bigot could ever hope to."

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene also took to Twitter to show her displeasure, accusing the LGBT movement of inducing minors to receive mastectomies and castrations, as well as fueling a "a multi billion dollar medical child abuse industry."

Another of the criticisms of the Pride Month demonstrations was the presence of children. In some videos, children can be seen alongside adults at a fountain in New York, at a "clothing-optional Pride event":

Marches and protests

The weekend was full of marches and counter-marches. In addition to New York, where Christina Aguilera put on a concert, there were pro-LGBT events scheduled in Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago and Seattle, according to the AP.

On Saturday, two groups with opposing flags coincided in St. Louis. “Detransitioner” Scott Newgent delivered a speech, megaphone in hand, criticizing gender reassignment surgeries for minors. In response, according to Gays Against Groomers: "A group of TRAs and child mutilation advocates" chanted behind him.