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Fierce climate hawk" Sean Casten squanders CO2 to "fight global warming".

The Democrat unnecessarily traveled to Iceland to address "climate challenges" and released more than 313,000 pounds of CO2.

Sean Casten, congresista demócrata

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The Illinois Congressman Sean Casten (D), who qualified the "climate crisis" as a "code red emergency," flew nearly 6,000 miles by plane - in business class - and stayed in a luxury European hotel on the occasion of "combat global warming," according to information from the House of Representatives released by The Washington Free Beacon.

On an official congressional trip, Casten accompanied members of The Aspen Institute to Iceland. The purpose of the trip was to provide the organization's members with guidance "on public policy issues related to addressing energy and climate challenges". However, as a contradiction, it is estimated that the congressman's flights emitted more than 313,000 pounds of carbon to the planet.

"The fiercest climate hawk" and its "green" money.

Casten is known as the "fiercest climate hawk" in Congress. Ha said repeatedly that politicians "have a duty to do everything possible" to provide "our children and grandchildren" with a "habitable planet". Nevertheless, the "fierce hawk" moved from Chicago to Reykjavík, Iceland, and back, totaling 5,888 miles traveled, which is translates in more than 313,000 pounds of CO2 expelled into the atmosphere.

The Congressman's trip to Iceland was unnecessary. Casten did not need to travel and consume a lot of gasoline to share with various climate "leaders" gathered by The Aspen Institute, since most of the organizations invited to the meeting - according to the schedule of the trip - have their physical headquarters in the United States. For example: on the first day of the trip, "roundtable discussions" to introduce researcher Meghan O'Sullivan of Harvard University, based in Massachusetts.

Casten was also provided accommodation at the Grand Hotel Reykjavík, a four-star luxury hotel that includes a spa and private meals at a total cost of nearly $5,000. The congressman did not respond to a request for comment made by The Washington Free Beacon.

Beyond his excursion to Iceland, the Democrat has pushed for hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds in "green energy" spending. The congressman earned up to $50,000 in "partnership income" in 2021 through his substantial stake in Greenleaf Power, a Sacramento, California-based renewable energy company that sells "neutral electricity" to utilities.

Replica of "Biden's climate czar".

Casten is far from the only prominent progressive climate activist in the Biden Administration who has admiration for foreign travel in the name of fighting global warming. John Kerry has flown more than 180,000 miles in his role as "President Biden's climate czar" those flights emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon, The Washington Free Beacon reported in September.

Kerry, who called climate change an "existential crisis," owns a private jet worth an estimated $4.5 million. The official has defended his private plane travel, saying that "it is the only option for someone like me, who travels the world, to win this battle."