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Former Obama fundraiser announces her break with the Democratic Party and says she plans to vote for Trump

In 2008, Allison Huynh raised millions of dollars for the Democratic leader's presidential campaign. Now she is disappointed with the Dems and is considering voting for the Republicans.

Exrecaudadora de fondos de Obama anuncia su ruptura con el Partido Demócrata y afirma que piensa votar por Trump

""Jesse Watters Primetime"",

In an appearance on "Jesse Watters Primetime," a successful former fundraiser for past president Barack Obama announced that she is “divorcing” the Democratic Party and plans to vote for Donald Trump for the first time in the upcoming election.

“Like any divorce, there’s not just one thing, there’s a series of things that led up to it,” said Allison Huynh, who helped raise millions in donations for Obama's 2008 campaign.

According to Fox News Digital, Huynh, along with her husband Scott Hassan, made a huge impact in the 2008 campaign, helping raise millions of dollars through lavish $50,000 and $100,000-a-plate dinners for Silicon Valley tech giants.

However, in recent years Huynh feels really let down by the Democratic Party, citing problems of insecurity, theft and homelessness in states led by the Dems.

"The Democrats were worrying about the wrong things," Huynh told host Jesse Watters. "The things that we need to think about are the violent criminals roaming the streets of San Francisco, people defecating, shooting up heroin in front of me and my kids, and allowing criminals to go in and steal from our grocery stores, shutting down grocery stores."

"I love to cook, and when I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to," she continued.

Huynh's disappointment is such that, in 2008, she bought a work of art by Shepard Fairey inspired by Obama's "Hope" posters, paying more than a million dollars for the work on canvas. Now Huynh, who is a Vietnamese immigrant, wants to auction off the work.

"You have to look at the facts and the reality. When you walk the streets of San Francisco, I have three young children and when we go to the theater district … we have to step over homeless people shooting up crack. And anyone can come to San Francisco, and they can see the same thing," said the former fundraiser.

“I love my Peking duck, but I’m afraid to go to Chinatown because of the violent crimes against Asians there,” she said.