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Logan Paul calls Trump a “martyr” in an entertaining interview in which they talk about UFOs, AI, Elon Musk and Drake

The former president revealed that, although he does not believe in extraterrestrial life, he has met credible witnesses of UFO sightings.

Logan Paul llama “mártir” a Trump en una entretenida entrevista en la que hablaron de Ovnis, la IA, Elon Musk y Drake

El expresidente Donald Trump le regala una camiseta a Logan Paul con su mugshot en Georgia. (Captura de pantalla / YouTube / )

In an entertaining interview on the “Impaulsive” podcast by influencer and now professional wrestler Logan Paul, former President Donald Trump addressed many unusual topics: UFOs, AI, Elon Musk and even a few mentions of the singer Drake and his rival Kendrick.

Perhaps in the most relevant part of the podcast, Paul praised Trump for all the support he received after the guilty verdict in Manhattan, New York, where the Republican presidential candidate was found guilty of 34 serious criminal charges for falsifying business records in a case widely disputed by various legal experts.

During the interview, Paul even suggested that Trump has become a “martyr” and asked the former president why he continues to run despite the legal persecution against him.

“You got these felony convictions, and a lot of them, like more than Al Capone, right? And there was an uprising and people showed you their support with their donations,” Paul told Trump. “And a lot of people are saying it points out the unjust nature of America’s justice system. My question is, if that is your belief, if that is their belief, why do you have the desire to give your time and energy to a country or a system that’s trying to take you down?”

Trump used the question to defend his record as president, highlight his patriotism and concluded with his classic slogan: “I want to make America great again.”

Later in the interview, they talked about foreign policy and Trump stressed that the war in Ukraine would never have broken out with him in the White House. Particularly, he lamented all the destruction on Ukrainian territory and the casualties on both sides.

"It’s just a shame. So many dead people. You look at just the soldiers, it’s a half a million soldiers between both countries... But so many dead people, so many towns and villages and buildings and all, I mean magnificent culture just being wiped out," said Trump, who highlighted his good relationship with Putin and Zelensky.

Afterward, the conversation had an entertaining tone, with Trump, Paul and co-host Mike Majlak talking about topics such as UFOs or tycoon Elon Musk.

Trump confessed that, although he does not believe in UFOs, he met many “serious” and credible people who told him about strange flying objects.

“Am I a believer? No, I probably can’t say I am,” Trump said. “But I have met with people that are serious, people that say there are some really strange things that they see flying around out there.”

“I talk to people that have had a sighting, and it’s very believable,” Trump added. “It’s very possible that there is something, and why wouldn’t there be? You take a look at the universe and you see all of the different planets … here we are on one relatively small planet. Why wouldn’t there be, on a planet that’s 400 times the size, why wouldn’t there be something, somebody? So, you know, it’s certainly believable to me.”

Later in the conversation, Trump debated with the presenters about the benefits of AI and acknowledged that he had once given a speech edited by Artificial Intelligence.

However, he subsequently acknowledged that AI could pose a serious security risk due to its ability to imitate voices or falsify identities.

Trump argued there could be additional risks during wartime since AI can replicate the voices and images of public figures such as presidents.

In another part of the interview, Trump and the presenters talked about Elon Musk and the rocket launches of the SpaceX company. The former president revealed that he feels great admiration for the company's operations and highlighted Musk as a “fantastic” guy.

Finally, the hosts tried to get the former president to weigh in on the long-running feud between rap titans Drake and Kendrick, but Trump simply responded, "I don't know."