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A Chicago Democratic councilwoman decided to stop sharing crime alerts to avoid creating a bad "perception"

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth justified her decision based on a "commitment to our values ​​of empowerment, anti-racism and community."


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An alderwoman decided to make crime invisible in her district so as to not generate "a bad perception" among voters. This is Democrat Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, who has represented Chicago's 48th district since 2023. She was justified by citing her "commitment to our values of empowerment, anti-racism and community."

According to her announcement, she will stop publishing crime alerts unless her voters specifically opt to receive these notifications. The reason? Prevent excessive crime alerts from leading to inaccurate public perception.

"Research also shows us that the overreporting of crimes negatively impacts our most marginalized and underserved neighbors," the Democrat continued.

The news does not exactly come at a healthy time in terms of crime for Chicago. Indeed, according to Fox News, "robberies and sexual crimes are at their highest levels in years, while robberies and robberies are also increasing."

During her campaign, Manaa-Hoppenworth had pledged to take security as a "human right."

"Everyone deserves to live in a world without violence. The 48th district is one of the most densely populated and diverse districts in the north, which means we are in this together. Taking care of our entire community leads to everyone's safety. 40% of the current municipal budget goes to police, but not everyone is safe. Investing in neighborhoods by funding mental health care, drug treatment, housing and education has a clear and sustainable effect on reducing crime," reads her campaign website.