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House Republicans rebel against Mike Johnson over budget agreement: 'Shut down the border or shut down the government'

Thirteen GOP lawmakers voted against measures pushed by their party as there is internal displeasure with the speaker.

Cierre del Gobierno, Mike Johnson

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"He should have never been hired," Republican Rep. Warren Davidson said after leaving a meeting Wednesday led by House Speaker Mike Johnson, according to reporters on Capitol Hill. "He’s a good man," Davidson posted on his X (Twitter) account, although he insisted:

Nevertheless, we cannot fight and fold at the same time. Governing means keeping promises - often at odds with promises made by Joe Biden.

That same day, Johnson said in an interview that he did not believe he was in danger of being vacated. The removal of another House speaker looms with barely three months after Kevin McCarthy became the first speaker in history to lose office by the vote of his peers. The reason to oust Johnson would be similar: discontent within the Republican ranks over a deal between the speaker and the Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

Johnson's agreement with Democrat Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, still must be approved by both the House and Senate. The shutdown is projected for Jan. 19. The Republican speaker acknowledged that the deal would not satisfy everyone, although he stressed that it was the "most favorable budget agreement Republicans have achieved in over a decade."

The controversy intensified on Wednesday when 13 Republicans crossed party lines to vote with the Democrats. Although neither bill was tied to the budget agreement, Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good said, in words reported by The Hill:

We’re making a statement that what the deal, as has been announced, that doesn’t secure the border and that doesn’t cut our spending, and that’s gonna be passed apparently under suspension of the rules with predominantly Democrat votes is unacceptable.

According to House records, the 13 rebel voters were: Andy Biggs, Eric Burlison, Elijah Crane, Bob Good, Paul A. Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Anna Paulina Luna, Blake D. Moore, Ralph Norman, Andrew Ogles, Scott Perry, Matthew M. Rosendale, Sr. and Chip Roy.

The latter's press office summarized the claim this Friday, quoting Roy's own words:

Shut down the border or shut down the government until you wake up President Biden and Mayorkas to do their job.