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“He is the Democrats' favorite Republican”: conservative analyst Mark Levin charges against Matt Gaetz after McCarthy's dismissal

He also accused the Florida representative of raising his profile, attracting attention and raising funds amid the frenzy that broke out in the House of Representatives.

“Es el republicano favorito de los demócratas”: el analista conservador Mark Levin carga contra Matt Gaetz tras la destitución de McCarthy

El representante republicano Matt Gaetz | (Gage Skidmore)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is navigating praise and criticism after his impeachment motion against Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was successful Tuesday by scoring a hit in the House.

One of the harshest questionings came from iconic conservative analyst Mark Levin, who dedicated two posts on X (formerly Twitter) to the Republican congressman, calling him a "demagogue," a "liar," and accusing him of working with "Marxists" who hate America.

“Let's cut to the chase. Gaetz is a POS demagogue who repeatedly lied during the House floor debate yesterday, and then, of course, simultaneously was fundraising and collecting email lists on behalf of the people," wrote a Levin who also received attacks and praise after his comments against the Republican.

“McCarthy refused to go along with a CR that essentially adopted the Senate omnibus spending agreed to, yet again, by McConnell and Schumer. Yet, Gaetz kept insisting otherwise. Gaetz said he's sick and tired of deficit spending and pointed to the $33 trillion debt. I know of few conservatives who disagree. But what has he done about it? He didn't go to the House floor, certainly not on a regular and sustained basis, and hammer away on the outrageous, massive spending for COVID funds, which were used for every imaginable purpose other than COVID and drove the debt through the roof,” continued the analyst, who published several extensive posts against the congressman.

According to Levin, the Republican representative also unjustifiably blamed Republicans for not securing the border after approving a bill to, precisely, provisionally reinforce spending on immigration enforcement.

“And the worst,” Levin continued, “is Gaetz working with the Marxists in the Democrat Party, who are literally destroying our country politically, culturally, and every other way, then denying it, while accusing the former speaker of being the Democrats' speaker, trashing Jim Jordan and Jamie Comer's investigations, accusing Chip Roy of being a RINO, and not uttering one word against Hakeem Jeffries, AOC, or the rest of the reprobates.”

The conservative analyst also accused Gaetz of raising his profile, attracting attention and raising funds amid the frenzy that broke out in the House of Representatives with the impeachment motion against McCarthy.

Finally, Mark Levin blurted out that Gaetz's efforts had “nothing to do with saving the country, regular order, the debt, etc.” “This was an unprincipled, personal, political attack led by a demagogue who repeatedly lies to conservatives and the public generally, and who is the favorite Republican of the Democrat Party and their media.”