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Tucker Carlson criticizes Abbott for failing to act decisively on migrant crisis: "He has done nothing!"

The famous former TV host suggested that the governor could secure the border "in a week" but that he hasn't really wanted to.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson at AmericaFest

Tucker Carlson / Cordon Press.

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Tucker Carlson accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of not doing enough to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. The famous former television host believes Abbott should allow the state's National Guard to shoot those who try to enter the country illegally.

During an event in Utica, Mich., Carlson criticized the Texas governor and accused him of betraying his state by refusing to use the Texas National Guard to secure the southern border.

The former anchor even suggested Abbott could secure the border "in a week" if authorities are ordered to shoot immigrants.

"How many Texans do you think are all on board with letting 7 million people cross into their state illegally?" he asked at the rally, answering his own question by saying that none are.

"I don't care what your race or national origin—nobody is for that. ... Has the governor of Texas done anything meaningful to stop it? No. ... You think they couldn't stop that in a week?" he said.

Carlson said he suggested to Abbott three times that he use the National Guard and said the governor simply refuses to do so.

"If someone's trying to break into my house, it's not complicated to repel the person. Do you have a firearm or don't you? Are you willing to defend your house and your children or aren't you? ... It's not more complicated than that," he added.

According to the former Fox host, Abbott only refuses to do so because his donors do not want him to. "It's not just frustrating. It's a betrayal of the core promise of the country, which is that people rule. That's a criminal act," he said.

The Governor's actions against immigration

The Republican governor has invoked state defense powers, including members of the police, National Guard and Coast Guard, to prevent the invasion of more illegal immigrants.

Abbott created Operation Lone Star to prevent criminal activity on the border, including the entry of illegal immigrants and drug smuggling, among others.

Abbot also installed barbed-wire fencing and allowed state authorities to arrest immigrants accused of trespassing. He also challenged the Biden administration by installing on a stretch of the Rio Grande where migrants often try to cross into the country.

The governor has signed state bills to try to protect the southern border by designating Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, as well as used drones to bolster security measures.

The differences between the policies of Texas and the Biden administration led Abbott to load buses with immigrants and transport them to other parts of the country to prevent Texas from being further affected by the federal government's "stop and release" policy.

However, in a new duel over border policy, Biden is considering forcing illegal immigrants to stay in Texas while they are granted asylum in order to stem the flow of immigrants to other already crowded U.S. cities.