Elon Musk on the crisis that socialism caused in Argentina: "Government overspending has wrecked countless countries"

The owner of X (formerly Twitter) made this comment in response to the preview of the interview that Tucker Carlson did with Argentinian presidential candidate Javier Milei.

On Wednesday afternoon, host Tucker Carlson, one of the conservative world's leading voices, shared a preview of his interview with Argentinian politician Javier Milei, a libertarian outsider who won the primary elections (PASO) and is now the heavy favorite to win the general election in October.

Carlson, who traveled to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, to interview Milei, gave an introduction to the American public about the severe economic and inflationary crisis in the country, which was once one of the great powers not only of the region, but also the world.

The former Fox News host interviewed various local political figures such as Diana Mondino, economist and adviser for La Libertad Avanza (Javier Milei's political party). She explained how excessive public spending, on top of the state-centric economic policies of the country's recent progressive governments, caused Argentina to enter into massive debt, running a significant deficit and causing rampant inflation that is positioned among the most serious in the world.

In fact, in a section of the video, Carlson exchanged $100 dollars for Argentine pesos to show the low value of the country's currency. He was given about 73,000 100-peso bills that he had to put in a bag in order to carry them.

One of the most important reactions to the clip was that of Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), who made a brief but forceful comment about the crisis that socialist policies caused in Argentina.

"Government overspending, which is the fundamental cause of inflation, has wrecked countless countries," said Musk, who has lately given some attention to Milei, who has become increasingly popular in the United States through viral clips subtitled in English.

Milei's political party, La Libertad Avanza, took advantage of Musk's comment to publish a video where the renowned Argentinian economist is seen questioning political correctness.

"What madness are we living in? In the madness of stupid political correctness where basically if you don't recite 'cool' socialism, if you are not 'woke,' then you are violent ... They are a danger to democracy," Milei said in the video published by La Libertad Avanza.

Musk's comment on Tucker Carlson's video generated a large number of impressions and comments. Conservative commentators such as Tim Young recognized Musk's words and also added that the United States is following that same path of debt and fiscal deficit.