DRC accuses three Americans of participating in coup attempt

The United States ambassador in that country, Lucy Tamlyn, stated that she will fully collaborate with the authorities as they investigate these acts.

The spokesman for the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) assured that they stopped an attempted coup d'état, in which foreigners and Congolese participated. For the incident - according to Reuters - at least 50 people were arrested, including three Americans. Likewise, it was learned that the leader of the revolt was murdered.

"The defense and security forces nipped in the bud an attempted coup d'état," declared General Sylvain Ekenge in a brief message on national television reported by AFP.

The United States ambassador to the country, Lucy Tamlyn, said that she will collaborate with the DRC authorities to the fullest while they investigate these acts.

"I am shocked by the events of this morning and very concerned by reports of American citizens allegedly involved. Please be assured that we will cooperate with the DRC authorities to the fullest extent as they investigate these criminal acts and hold accountable any US citizens involved in criminal acts," Tamlyn wrote on her X account.

The information became known after an attack against the residence of the Minister of Economy, Vital Kamerhe, in the Gombe neighborhood, near the Palace of the Nation where the offices of President Félix Thsisekedi are located.