"Down with communism!": the powerful message from Gente de Zona against the Cuban dictatorship

The Cuban artists spoke out against dictatorship and in favor of freedom during a concert at the Las Condes Festival in Chile.

The Cuban duo Gente de Zona shared a powerful message in favor of freedom and against communism during their concert at the Festival de las Condes, in Santiago, Chile.

Alexander Delgado, one of the members of the group, wanted to share his experience with Cuba's communist regime with the concert attendees. He said:

Particularly, Gente de Zona is the voice of all Cubans who have had to emigrate from our country because of political problems, because of the abuses that exist with our people. And we are particularly against communism. Down with communism! I don't know about you, but I, who am Cuban, here you are going to see the result of communism, what is happening with Cuba. That is why we are against dictatorship and against communism, and we represent the freedom of the people, which is the most important thing. Long live Chile!

Randy Malcom, the group’s other member, took the opportunity to thank the Chilean people for welcoming Cubans fleeing the dictatorship. The audience applauded the artists' words, although there were also some shouts of disapproval.

Many progressives did not tolerate prestigious artists lashing out against communism. As usual, hate from the left was especially evident on social media. Some leftist Chilean representatives lashed out against the artists and asked them to stop criticizing the dictatorship

Taking a stand against dictatorship

This is not the first time that the musical group Gente de Zona has taken a stand for freedom and against dictatorship. The artists were awarded last year for the song ”Patria y Vida” which became an anthem during the protests against the Castro regime in July 2021. It also received the Latin Grammy Award for best song of the year.