Cristina Fernández de Kirchner gives Argentina the middle finger on her way out

CFK's vulgar gesture sums up her legacy of fraud, insults and general contempt towards a large part of Argentines.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, outgoing vice president of Argentina, arrived at Javier Milei's inauguration with a big smile. At first, she seemingly sought to mask her discontent at the prestigious event, even laughing and being flirtatious with the brand-new libertarian president. However, a couple of shouts from the public were enough for the leftist to show her true arrogant self and her genuine contempt for a large part of Argentine society.

Showing her middle finger proudly, CFK directed the famous f*** you gesture to the audience present moments before entering the Argentine Congress.

The image soon went viral, becoming one of the most talked-about gestures of the day by the distinguished politicians present at the event.

Other interpretations aside, what should be considered about this shameful and avoidable situation is that not much could be expected from the former vice president.

In the end, that gesture, obscene and out of place, represents her legacy perfectly: the fraud, insults and general contempt towards a large part of the Argentines who for years suffered from the impoverishing policies of CFK and her allies.

How else was CFK going to say goodbye if, after all, she was not only a corrupt politician —sentenced to 6 years in prison for fraudulent administration and orchestrating one of the largest frauds against the state in the history of Argentina—, but one of the main people responsible for Argentina today being an almost ungovernable hell?

How was the goodbye to CFK expected to go if, in short, the banner of Kirchnerism for years was to turn Argentina into one of the most insecure and inflationary countries in the world?

Consistency, please, because you cannot ask for modesty and honor from the commanding voice of one of the region's most impoverishing movements in history.