Canada: a group of high school students organizes protests over gender ideology

Students at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School claimed that they are not against the LGBT movement, but against the indoctrination they are being subjected to in the classroom.

The gender agenda continues to generate controversy in several high schools. A few weeks ago there were several fights between pro- and anti-LGBT protesters in the Glendale school district. Now, in Los Angeles, students are protesting gender politics. It happened first in Massachusetts, where several students protested by wearing the colors of the American flag as opposed to the rainbow banner, and most recently there has been a new episode in Canada.

At Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, a group of students organized protests over gender ideology. They made it clear that they are against the policy the high school is adopting, not the lobbyists. A. T., one of the organizers who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Epoch Times why students saw the need to organize the protest:

There are Muslim, White, and Asian students in the crowd. There are students from every ethnicity. This is not an ethnic or a religious protest, this is a protest for the students who just … want to not be indoctrinated. We just want to have our beliefs that differ from other people,

According to him, the protest, which goes by the name of "LDHSS Students for Change," was not created to go against transgender people, but was a clear response from the student body who are against being indoctrinated and having gender policies imposed on them that they don't agree with: "If you want to be transgender, I have nothing wrong with that. But let me live my life and let me follow my beliefs, and don’t force me to believe what you believe."

Incidents at the school in Canada

Not only are they against the agenda publicly stated by Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, they are also against the practices that the school adopting, which they are not happy about. One example, said another event organizer, is allowing men into women's locker rooms:

There have been a few incidents in which biological males have walked in on [Muslim girls] adjusting their hijabs. So our problem is that they have now pushed it against religious circles and religious minorities. We’re here not because we’re against them existing. We’re here because we’re against them forcing their beliefs against us.

The school did not prevent the protest from taking place, but it did make its position clear. In an email sent by Principal Jennifer Borrel-Benoit to parents, Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School states that their school is "enriched by the diversity" and that protests would have to be held off school grounds:

The school community is enriched by the diversity of perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. Student walkouts are one way to share a message, but there are many other ways to respectfully show support for issues that are important for students.