Businessman Mario Nawfal targeted by Brazil for organizing Space on X with critics

The cryptocurrency expert described the move as "ridiculous," emphasizing that he neither holds Brazilian citizenship nor organized the digital meeting in the country.

The crusade against free speech by Lula da Silva's government knows not the bounds of borders or nationalities. American businessman Mario Nawfal reported on social media that he has been accused by the Brazilian Federal Police of violating a judicial decision of the Supreme Court of Brazil for allowing people whose X accounts had been ordered suspended in Brazil to participate in a Space on the platform, which was accessible to Brazilian users. Nawfal is not a Brazilian citizen, nor did he organize the digital meeting from the country.

'Attempt to bring down Elon'

The reported events occurred on April 10, when Nawfal organized a Space which included Allan dos Santos, a conservative journalist, whose account had been ordered suspended by Judge Alexandre de Moraes. Nawfal, a prominent figure in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, allowed accounts from around the world to access and participate in the Space, including Brazil. The topic of the discussion was "Brazilian Court overreach and their war against Free Speech, Elon and X"

For Nawfal, this move is a "ridiculous" attempt by Lula da Silva's government to attack the owner of X: "I am not a Brazilian Citizen, I did not host the Space in Brazil, yet they still target me in their attempt to bring down Elon."

Nawfal announces a new Space discussing Brazil

In response, the businessman announced the organization of a new Space to discuss the matter. "Let's see their next move in censoring critics around the world," he noted.