Brought to their knees: Dozens of Hamas terrorists emerge from tunnels and surrender to Israel

Footage of the mass arrest shows the suspects sitting in rows in front of the Israeli Defense Forces.

This Thursday, several reports revealed the surrender of more than a hundred terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip. The photos and videos documenting the historic moment show dozens of suspects in their underwear, kneeling and with their hands tied in front of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

According to reports, a large group of terrorists surrendered amid heavy fighting in and around Jabaliya, allowing the IDF to detain and interrogate them as part of their goal to dismantle Hamas.

In the images of the surrender, several men sitting in rows can be seen, many of them without their combat uniforms, while Israeli troops coordinated the transportation of the suspects.

IDF spokesperson confirms mass terrorist arrest

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the IDF, confirmed the arrests during a press conference and explained that they were carried out in “centers of gravity” of the terrorist group, as shared by the New York Post.

“Whoever is left in those areas, they come out from tunnel shafts, and some from buildings, and we investigate who is linked to Hamas and who isn’t. We arrest them all and interrogate them,” he said.

Hamas leader reacts

After images of the detention of dozens of suspects came to light, senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan accused Israel of having arrested people who were not actually affiliated with the terrorist group. However, this is not the first time that Hamas uses a similar discourse and it is later shown that the IDF did act against terrorists.

Israel has already defended its attacks near the Jabaliya refugee camp, highlighting that it is a means to reach the headquarters in that area.

The IDF has also highlighted that operations in northern Gaza have been crucial in dismantling the terrorist infrastructure, as weapons, equipment and intelligence documents belonging to Hamas have been discovered.