Boric demands that Maduro hand over the suspects in the murder of Venezuelan Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda to Chilean Justice

The president of Chile affirmed that he would not allow this crime to go unpunished and promised to exhaust all possible avenues, both nationally and internationally.

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, urged the Nicolás Maduro regime to extradite the two individuals involved in the kidnapping and murder of the former Venezuelan opposition lieutenant, Ronald Ojeda.

During a press conference this Friday, Boric explained that Chilean institutions are making all the necessary efforts to advance the investigation and achieve justice for this crime, which he described as "unacceptable." However, he stressed that Venezuela's collaboration is essential for this purpose.

"We demand from Venezuela all the collaboration required in this case so that they search for and bring to justice those suspected of having perpetrated or collaborated in this vile murder," Boric declared. "Once apprehended, they can come to Chile to face justice, and those indicated as guilty of this murder will be convicted of crimes that have been committed on Chilean soil," he added.

The Chilean president assured that he will not allow Ojeda's murder to go unpunished and that he will exhaust all avenues, both nationally and internationally, to achieve justice.

"Both countries have a current extradition treaty, since 1962, and although the current Venezuelan Constitution does not contemplate the extradition of nationals, this treaty has not been waived, neither by Venezuela, nor by Chile," reported the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toha. "Chile has every right to demand compliance and to ask that in the case of these criminals, once apprehended, they be allowed to come and face justice in our country for the crime they committed in our land."

These statements came after Chile's prosecutor, Héctor Barros, coordinator of the Team against Organized Crime and Homicides (ECOH) of the Public Ministry in the Metropolitan Region. He reported that two Venezuelans were identified as "perpetrators in the participation of this crime" and that both are in their country of origin.

Barros also reported that the crime was carried out for political reasons and was organized from Venezuela. "So far, everything indicates that the motive is political. We have discarded all the theses; the only one that remains in force is the political motive," said the prosecutor in charge of the murder of the Venezuelan lieutenant in Santiago de Chile.

It should be remembered that Ojeda was a former military man imprisoned for political reasons in Caracas and managed to escape. The lieutenant was living in Santiago, Chile, when he was kidnapped from his apartment and later murdered.