Blinken announces $2 billion in military aid for Ukraine while in Kiev

The Secretary of State explained that the funds come from the $61 billion package that Congress recently passed.

(AFP) Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Wednesday in Kiev a further $2 billion in military aid to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities as it tries to stop the Russian offensive.

This aid, announced during a press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba, comes from the $61 billion aid package for Ukraine recently passed by the U.S. Congress.

Blinken stated that the goal of the aid is to "provide weapons today," as well as invest in Ukrainian infrastructure and help Kiev buy military materials from other countries.

Kuleba reiterated that his country "urgently" needs seven more air defense systems and said that the Kharkiv region (northeast), which was taken over by Russia last week, needs two systems.

He also stated that Ukraine needs allied countries to deliver promised weapons faster.

On the other hand, Blinken, who took a surprise trip to Ukraine this Tuesday, stressed that it is up to Ukraine to decide whether to attack Russia after Russia warned the West of any attack with Western weapons.

"We do not encourage or favor attacks outside of Ukraine, but ultimately it is up to Ukraine to make its decisions about how it conducts this war," Blinken said.