Biden does it again: the President confuses Cambodia with Colombia

The president slipped up and named the South American country instead of the Asian country, where he is currently located.

President Joe Biden had another embarrassing mix up at a gathering with Asian allies in Cambodia. During his opening speech at a meeting with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Biden slipped up and thanked the "Prime Minister of Colombia" for hosting the meeting.

A recurring error

Biden kicked off his speech by recalling his role as host earlier this year: "I was honored to host at the White House in May. Now that we are back together here in Cambodia, I hope to build on the progress we have already made.” However, when it came time to say thank you, confusion ensued: "I want to thank the Prime Minister of Colombia for his leadership. And to ASEAN, as chair of ASEAN and for welcoming us all."

As reported by Breitbart, this is not the first time Biden has made this mistake. Biden had previously confused the two countries during a meeting with journalists before leaving for Cairo to participate in COP27 and then on to Cambodia. "I'm going to... first of all, I'm going to Cairo for the... for the environmental effort, then I'm heading to Colombia and then... I mean, Cambodia," the president noted.