Barbie introduces a doll inspired by Celia Cruz

Mattel celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with the launch of this product as part of the "Barbie's Inspiring Women" line announced in 2021.

Barbie is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the launch of a doll inspired by salsa singer Celia Cruz. The product is part of the "Barbie's Inspiring Women" line that Mattel announced it 2021, although was not released until 2023:

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The doll went on the market on Tuesday for $35. The doll dons the traditional red dress that the salsa singer used to wear with her Cuban "rumbera" style and her iconic blonde hair, among other characteristics that identify the "¡Azúcar!" singer.

Mattel said that the Celia Cruz Barbie doll "pays homage to incredible heroines of her time; brave women who took risks, changed rules and paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever."

The release date of Celia Cruz's Barbie is no coincidence. According to Univision, the date not only coincides with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. It also coincides with the 20-years anniversary of Cruz's death which was also commemorated with a new special quarter with Cruz's face as part of the American Women Quarters program.