The South American country wants to remove its cancerous populism, while the Jewish state yearns to remove its cancerous terrorism. The surgery will be complex and painful for both, but they must do so quickly and completely. There is no room for further malpractice.

When there is a tumor that can be removed, it must be removed, quickly and completely. It cannot be taken out gradually, allowing it to grow back. Surgical intervention is not a walk on the beach, it is complex and difficult. In addition, it is necessary to go endure tough obstacles before, during and after the operation. Recovery is slow, and the patient must be, well, patient, as he/she will be limited for a while. But, at the end of the road, one looks back and realizes that all the effort, pain, nerves, discomfort, etc., were a price that was worth paying. Therefore, I reiterate, the tumor must be removed quickly and completely at once.

That is exactly what Javier Milei in Argentina and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel are doing.

Argentina and its economy have been suffering for decades from the ravages of left-wing populism. During the last Kirchnerist government, the country fell into a severe economic crisis in which high inflation caused poverty to increase, reaching almost half of the country's population. Having a job was no longer a guarantee of making ends meet, while public safety worsened, especially in the Buenos Aires Province.

The disastrous economic situation resulting from the extreme regulation of the economy, clientelism, union mafias, leftist organizations, a state apparatus full of parasitic militants and the Peronists using poverty to stay in power have succeeded in perpetuating the crisis.

However, the bomb exploded in the hands of the populists. This time, they could not kick the ball forward. The excuses of the pandemic, the "speculative businessmen" and so many others were no longer believed by anyone, especially not by the poor, who saw their own situation getting worse and worse. This explosive combination brought Javier Milei to power, because people needed someone who could tell them the truth, who was honest, who understood the problems with the economy and how to solve them once and for all. The president has flaws and has made mistakes, but in economic matters he has proven to be almost infallible, whether simply as a part of the media or from his seat as a congressman.

It is necessary for those who voted for Milei to have patience.

Milei assured that the situation is so catastrophic that it is necessary to implement a plan of shock: deregulating the economy, opening up to the world, and legitimizing prices. And it must be done quickly, shrinking the state so that it stops being a Peronist casino in which the banks are rigged to always win. It is not an easy task, of course, just as it is not easy to remove a massive tumor. While the surgeon has assistants to help him, in the case of Argentina, the number of people that will seek to torpedo any attempt to change the status quo is not minor, and the power they wield should not be minimized.

After Milei's government presented a harsh but successful decree to deregulate the economy, the expected began to happen: the media started to criticize the measures as too strong and sudden, while union mafias and leftist groups took to the streets to challenge the new national and Buenos Aires city authorities who had promised to change what the previous mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, did not dare to do: not to allow street blockades. They seek to generate chaos, so that when the government responds, they can accuse it of being repressive and authoritarian. There is nothing new under the sun.

It is necessary for those who voted for Milei to have patience, since if the decree goes forward, the situation will be difficult for several months, but it is necessary to cure the country once and for all, as expressed by the government itself.

It is not surprising, of course, that the trade union mafias and some Peronist organizations are now compelled to protest even though they did not lift a finger during the last four years when Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner's government destroyed the economy and the security of the Argentine people. Patience among Peronists is greater than with non-Peronists, because the important thing for them is to maintain power. A prosperous country is counterproductive for these people.

Israeli authorities are now willing to go all the way and bring down Hamas.

In Israel, meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu's government is trying to remove the cancer that is Hamas, something it should have done long ago so that the terrorist tumor would not grow so large as to produce the damage caused on Oct. 7. Now, as we are seeing, the surgery will be extremely complex.

As Arab-Israeli activist Yoesph Haddad said to me in a recent interview for Voz Media, if Hamas had been taken down earlier, the Oct. 7 massacre would surely never have happened. Now, it is too late for regrets and it is necessary to exterminate this terrorist organization that seeks the genocide of the Jews first and of the rest of the infidels later, supported by a significant portion of the Palestinian population, as shown by several surveys reiterated to me by Dor Shahar, a former Gazan resident who fled to Israel and converted to Judaism, when we had the opportunity to speak in November.

But having failed to do so earlier and having allowed the terrorist organization to set the pace of previous clashes, i.e. to decide when the fighting started and when it ended, has led to a higher price to be paid now. The surgeon has to deal with a significantly larger tumor because it had only been partially removed, allowing it to grow back larger and larger.

This is the time for Israel and Argentina to endure severe pain and demonization by the usual hypocrites.

As expected, Israel's retaliation has been increasingly criticized as time keeps moving us further away from Oct. 7, but the government understands that it is time to turn a deaf ear to the world's criticism and to move forward like a freight train until they achieve the goal of eradicating Hamas and changing the status quo in Gaza. There, hatred is indoctrinated in schools and in the media, and all that is invested and done is in pursuit of murdering as many Jews as possible, regardless of the fact that this is especially harmful to the Palestinians themselves, who remain mired in backwardness and radicalism, without taking advantage of having a prosperous and advanced neighbor from whom they can benefit.

This is the time for Israel and Argentina to endure severe pain and the demonization of the usual hypocrites, but nothing can stop the surgeon from completely removing the tumor, as quickly as possible. There is no more room for malpractice. And, perhaps, it is one more step on the road to the cure of the rest of the cancers in the Middle East (Iran) and Latin America (21st century socialism).