Alliance around the corner? Javier Milei and Volodomir Zelensky were very friendly in Argentina during Milei's inauguration

All eyes were on the new president of Argentina and his Ukrainian counterpart during the swearing in of the libertarian, who even gave Zelensky a menorah, a nine-branched candelabrum typical of Jewish culture.

Javier Milei took office on Sunday as the new president of the Argentine Republic. The 53-year-old libertarian became the first economist to arrive at the Casa Rosada in a ceremony that included thousands of people in the street and many international envoys, among whom Volodomir Zelensky stood out. The president of Ukraine was one of the last to confirm his presence for the inauguration, in which he showed himself very willing to work with the Argentine.

Under intense security for his protection, Zelensky made his first trip to Latin America since the war with Russia began, with the purpose of being present for the inauguration of his new colleague. The Ukrainian attended Congress, where he spoke and hugged Milei, and then accompanied him to the Casa Rosada, where the hugs continued, and the leaders even held a meeting.

In their first exchange, which took place moments before Milei gave his first words as president, both communicated without translators involved. "We are counting on President Milei to support Ukraine. I think, no, I am sure that the president is going to support us before the United Nations," said the European in Congress.

Once at the Casa Rosada, they met with the presence of their respective delegations, where the presence of Diana Mondino, the new minister of foreign affairs for Argentina, stood out. They talked about the situations of both countries and the interests they have in common to build more active cooperation between both countries.

Argentina and Ukraine have had bilateral relations for 30 years, and recently marked 126 years since the first Ukrainian migration to the South American country. Currently, the province of Misiones is home to one of the largest Ukrainian settlements in Argentina.

When receiving the delegations from abroad in the White Room, Milei and Zelensky broke protocol to give each other an extended hug, which ended with a gift from the Argentine. The gift chosen for the occasion was a Menorah, a nine-branched candelabrum typical of Jewish culture.

Viktor Orban and Zelensky's talk in Buenos Aires

Another interesting image from the inauguration was when Zelensky exchanged words with Viktor Orban, Hungary's Prime Minister, who is quite close to Vladimir Putin.

The Senate cameras captured the conversation, which showed the two leaders talking face to face, although the details of what was discussed are still unknown.