ALERT: Fugitive Cavalcante acquires stolen firearm, heightening police search in Pennsylvania

Cavalcante managed to access a home and get hold of a rifle despite the fact that the owner fired at him seven times without hitting him.

Pennsylvania State Police continues in its persuit of Daniel Cavalcante, who escaped from prison on August 31, and warned citizens that the fugitive is now armed. Cavalcante entered a house on Monday night and stole a rifle, while the owner claims that he shot at him up to seven times. However, it does not appear that any of the shots hit him, since no traces of blood were found at the scene.

Hundreds of police and SWAT comb the areas where Cavalcante was seen

According to Action News, police issued a tip that the fugitive had been spotted by a helicopter in the area of Ridge Road, Coventryville Road and Point Road. Hundreds of police — including SWAT agents in armored trucks — flooded the neighborhood after the warning.

The agents located some shoes that could belong to him and shortly after shots were reported in a nearby area. ABC 6 journalists were able to speak with the owner of a property who said he had just opened fire on an individual who matched the description of the fugitive.

According to police, Cavalcante would have managed to get hold of a 22-caliber rifle, they have asked citizens to immediately call 911 or the police hotline at 717-562-2987 if they see him or know anything about his whereabouts. They have also recommended that the residents of the areas where he is being sought, to close all doors and windows, secure their vehicles and remain in their homes.

New image to make it difficult to be identified

Last Sunday the State Police shared a photos of the new image that Cavalcante has adopted to make it more difficult to identify him, completely shaving his beard.