Adolfo 'Fito' Macías, the drug trafficker who unleashed violence in Ecuador, could be in Colombia according to intelligence officials

The criminal's escape worries the Peruvian and Colombian authorities, especially due to his connections with the FARC guerrilla group.

Colombian intelligence officials told the newspaper El Tiempo, one of the most important in the South American country, that drug trafficker Adolfo Macías, better known as "Fito," could be in Colombia or planning to escape across the Colombian-Ecuadorian borders.

According to El Tiempo, due to its geographical location, Peruvian and Colombian authorities are concerned about the criminal's escape from the Guayaquil Regional prison, mainly because of "Fito's" connections with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrilla group.

Intelligence sources cited by the publication say that Fito could be planning to enter Colombia or may already be in the country.

In an interview with W Radio, General Helder Fernan Giraldo, commander of the Colombian Military Forces, confirmed the intelligence services' hypothesis.

Likewise, the general also confirmed that there is a possibility that "Fito" has moved or has attempted to cross the land border due to his links with the criminal structures Oliver Sinisterra, Segunda Marquetalia and Carolina Ramírez that belong to the FARC guerrilla group.

Concern about the whereabouts of the drug trafficker arose after the announcement by Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa, who proposed the deportation of 1,500 Colombian prisoners to make room in prisons.

Ecuador is facing an unprecedented wave of violence after various narcoterrorist groups began to take over universities, media and prisons while murdering and kidnapping civilians and security force officials.

The government of Ecuador did not take long to declare an "Internal Armed Conflict" and identify as terrorists dozens of drug trafficking groups involved in the terrorist acts carried out in the South American country.

Violence in Ecuador exploded just hours after Adolfo Macías mysteriously escaped from a prison in Ecuador, an event that led President Noboa to declare a state of emergency.

"Fito" is the leadrer of the Los Choneros gang, one of Ecuador's most dangerous criminal gangs.