A former Venezuelan soldier claims that the Maduro regime is searching for him and 3 other soldiers in Chile

The retired officer reported that he requested the protection of the Chilean government because he now fears for his life.

A former Venezuelan military officer said he has “no doubt” that the recent kidnapping of Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda Moreno was organized and executed by agents of the Nicolás Maduro regime. In addition, he warned that the dictatorship is looking for more officers, including him.

The retired former officer, who currently resides in Chile, stated in an interview under condition of anonymity, that those who forcibly removed Ojeda from his apartment were “military counterintelligence people” from Venezuela.

With a distorted voice and with his back to the camera, the former military officer revealed that he now fears for his life since he was warned from Venezuela that the authorities of that country are also looking for other officers in Chile, including him.

“We received the alert from Venezuela that there are four of us officers who they are looking for, of which one is from the Army, one from the Air Force, one from the National Guard, and myself, from the Air Force,” he explained, highlighting that his sources belong to the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Service of Venezuelan intelligence.

Officer requested protection from Chilean government

Given the warnings, the soldier revealed that he made the decision to request protection from the Chilean government. However, he noted that he has not received any additional security offers so far.

The former officer took advantage of the interview to address the international community and highlight the risks posed by Nicolás Maduro’s regime. “I would like to raise a global alert because violations of the sovereignty and security of a legitimately constituted State cannot continue (...) We are not facing organized crime. No, we are [facing] a criminal and murderous mega organization, like that of Nicolás Maduro,” he expressed.

Did Chile cooperate in the kidnapping?

Recently, a report exposed the possibility that a police collaboration agreement between Chile and Venezuela, signed in January, committed the Chilean government to carry out an “exchange of biometric and ten-print information” of Venezuelan dissidents present in Chilean territory, which could have facilitated the kidnapping of Ojeda.