The Jewish State is not only an oasis of freedom in the middle of a desert of oppression and tyranny, it is also the most important obstacle that the enemies of the free world must face.

There are many people who accuse Israel of being, practically, the main evil in the world. These harsh criticisms come, in most cases, from the left of the ideological map.

The massacre of October 7 has marked a before and after in the world. After this tragic event, many masks have fallen off and many have been left more exposed than ever. The left, as hypocritical as ever, usually says that it opposes racism, although they justify or deny the atrocities committed by Hamas because the victims were Jewish, or lived in the Jewish State.

Millions of people, especially progressives and Islamists, have taken and continue to take to the streets in the West to protest Israel's "genocide," "occupation," and "oppression," against the 'poor' Palestinians. They often shout violent slogans against Israelis and Jews, even calling for genocide against them. They shout a lot, they shout loudly, they shout everything they did not shout against the massacres perpetrated by Islamists against Jews, against Christians or against their own Muslim 'brothers' in various parts of the world. Nobody cares because 'no Jews, no news.'

The left, which talks so much about tolerance, points against the only country in the region where people are free to profess whatever faith they want, have whatever sexual inclination, elect their representatives and express whatever they please, without distinction of race, religion or sex, while allying themselves with those who can't wait to cut off the heads of the same 'hyper infidels' leftists.

What if Israel is destroyed?

But let the left, Islamists and other extremists have their way. Let's imagine a hypothetical scenario in which the objective of Israel's enemies is fulfilled, and the Jewish state has been destroyed. Its inhabitants were all exterminated by Hamas, Fatah, the Houthis and other pro-Iran militias. Yes, it's unlikely, I know, but let's try to imagine it. That's all. The dream of people like Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib; the 'occupying Zionist' has been defeated.

Videos of various Palestinian terrorist factions raising the severed heads of Israeli citizens begin to appear on social networks, limbs are seen in the streets, synagogues and churches burned, babies burned, women being sexually abused. Millions of Palestinians walk the streets of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat, Jerusalem, destroying everything in its path, while small towns are devastated in short periods of time. Screams and gun shots are heard everywhere.

On the social network 'X,' the trending topics are 'Israel,' 'Palestine,' 'Jews,' '#ByeZionists,' and 'Islam,' amongst others related to the issue.

The media in various parts of the world broadcast some of the images, although blurring the severed heads, mutilated bodies and pools of blood. Several Western media correspondents have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. Other images that appear on television show Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians crossing into Israel from the various borders shouting "Allahu akbar."

The streets of various European countries begin to fill with protesters leftists and Islamists. London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmo, among others, are full of protesters. In the media and in videos on social networks, Palestinian flags are seen everywhere along with some LGBT. Then, gradually, there begins the commencement of unrest and destruction. Security forces are overwhelmed and there are reports of deaths in London, Stockholm and Paris. "According to reports, comments a British journalist from the BBC, 'they were women, trans women, and members of an LGBTQ+ organization. Many of them were thrown from the terraces of some buildings.'"

Everything is confusion. The number of dead begins to increase, but no one has been able to identify any of the murderers. LGBT flags are almost no longer seen and those of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, among other Islamic terrorist organizations, are beginning to be added to the Palestinian flags.

On social networks, women report sexual abuse in the streets and many others affirm, through tears, that they will not leave their homes.

Government headquarters begin to be surrounded by mobs of violent Islamists who try to jump over the bars or tear down the fences. Security forces are overwhelmed and they begin to open fire on the protesters, who throw stones, Molotov cocktails and even discharge firearms.

Protesters also begin to take to the streets in the United States, but this time without the progressive activists who had been watching what was happening in Europe. The US Government decides to decree a curfew, and beyond some destruction and dozens of arrests, for now the situation has not escalated. However, threats from various Islamists continue to accumulate on "X." "The flag of jihad will be raised in the White House. Allahu akbar," reads one of the posts on the social network.

Elon Musk publishes images of a group of Islamists beating a police officer in London, accompanied by a message that reads: "The warnings were duly given at the time. Now it is too late."

Various Muslim religious leaders from Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada, among other countries, call to follow the example of terrorist organizations in the Middle East. "Just as we have defeated the Zionists, the time has come to exterminate their allies. We are inside the enemy lines. It is our opportunity! Allahu akbar!" says an imam in a video widely spread on the social network 'X'.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Hamas and Fatah leave the celebrations aside and begin to fight for control of the territory. The media are already beginning to comment that it is a brutal civil war. The president of Iran is sending troops to the area to fight alongside Hamas terrorists, while Saudi Arabia is sending soldiers to support Fatah forces.

In Syria, the rebels are emboldened by the high tensions in the region and attack Bashar Al-Assad's forces with greater force, who respond with bombings, and the deaths are counted in the hundreds per day.

In Lebanon, fighting is taking place between Hezbollah and government forces, while other armed groups begin to enter the conflict and thousands of citizens ask for help on social networks.

In Jordan and Egypt thousands of protesters take to the streets to cause destruction and are violently repressed by the police.

A week after the disappearance of Israel, the war between both Palestinian sides continues, and territorial claims are beginning to be presented by Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, so tensions continue to escalate in the region and the war could reach levels unthinkable

Meanwhile, Islamic organizations from France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands issue a joint statement demanding "absolute autonomy" over certain regions of those countries "or face the consequences and follow the path of the Zionists."

The media in Europe continue to report about homosexuals thrown from rooftops, women raped and stabbed for dressing "provocatively," looting and burning in Jewish shops, synagogues and churches, among other places in the Old Continent.

The UN Security Council calls for an emergency meeting, and issues a statement asking to "calm tensions" and "not fall into Islamophobia." The Pope sends a similar message from the Vatican. In a video broadcast live from the Holy See, the pontiff affirms, among other things, that "weapons are carried by the devil. God wants fraternity among humans so that we are worthy of his creation."

Progressives must open their eyes before it's too late, even for them

This entire story is, of course, a product of my imagination. Maybe it's crazy. a delirium or both. One can believe that these types of events can happen in the future or not; although some of them are already happening, unfortunately. However, Progressives prefer to cover their eyes and ears from reality, but keep their mouths uncovered to shout all kinds of armed phrases that they memorize and repeat like parrots to avoid making the "zhard effort" of thinking.

Regardless of whether their hatred is based on ignorance or is part of their attempt to impose their political agenda, they need to understand some hard truths.

Israel is not the world's main problem, it is more a part of the solution. Progressivism and Islamists are the greatest danger facing humanity today.

Although they ignore the countless massacres and true genocides that occur globally, it does not mean that they do not happen. I know they are only interested in protesting when Israel defends itself, but they should know that the world is bigger.

Their Islamist allies detest them; They want to cut off their heads or throw them off a roof as soon as they no longer serve them to achieve their dark objectives.

While they exclaim "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,"  a phrase that calls for the genocide of the Israelis, know that if the Jewish State is removed from the map, the weapons that are now aimed especially against Israel will begin to disperse throughout the world, especially against you.

The vast majority of Arabs living in Israel do not want to be governed by a terrorist group like Hamas. However, you are free to do so whenever you wish. Go and try.

The conflict is not territorial. If they believe this, they are being naive, or it is what they are forced to say to continue advancing their destructive political agenda. If it were a territorial problem, it would have been solved decades ago, and Jews living outside the Jewish State would not have to suffer attacks. It is a religious and ideological war, which is concentrated especially in Israel, but which is slowly expanding throughout the world.

Islamists seek to impose their ideology by force, but they are not in a hurry; they do it gradually, victimizing themselves and using progressives as temporary allies along the way. They do it that way because they know that a frog would jump out of the pot if it were placed in boiling water; The idea is to heat it little by little, because in this way the frog dies without realizing it.

Israel is not only an oasis of freedom in the middle of a desert of oppression and tyranny, it is also the most important obstacle that the enemies of the free world who seek to subjugate us with the jihadist sword must face.