Washington, D.C., records highest homicide rate in 20 years

The police union stated that the increase in murders is due in part to a "reform" that limits their work and has caused many officers to resign.

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department reported that the city has surpassed 104 homicides so far this year. This represents a 20% increase in the number of murders compared to last year.

In addition, this is the highest figure for the same period since 2003. The Washington, D.C. Local Police Union noted in a statement that "this is the earliest date in any year that the city has reached 100 homicides since 2003."

Crime data from the department's website shows that we are on track to exceed 200 homicides for the third consecutive year. Homicides in District 6 have increased 133% this year. This year alone there have been 321 car thefts in DC, a 57% increase over last year.

Police personnel at lowest level in half a century

The union added that the increase in homicides is due in part to a bill that reforms and limits police work.

The regulation includes - among other things - changes in the way agents search people or property, as it requires them to obtain consent from the suspect. According to Gregg Pemberton, president of the DC Police Union:

This increase in crime is due to the D.C. Council's implementation of misguided "police reform" legislation. The Council's actions have had a chilling effect on professional and responsible policing and have caused more than 1,200 police officers to leave the agency.

The number of officers on duty is at its lowest level in the last 50 years (with only 3,200 active officers). More than 210 police officers have left so far in 2023. Pemberton concluded:

Resignations now exceed retirements, and recruitment figures are abysmal. ... The situation will get worse.