Virginia prosecutor will ignore certain "minor" crimes

Buta Biberaj, linked to George Soros, said she will not prosecute various thefts, home invasions and reckless driving cases.

A well-known Virginia state prosecutor with ties to billionaire George Soros sent a memo to district judges informing them that she will stop prosecuting certain "minor" crimes. Loudoun County Attorney Buta Biberaj says that the number of assigned cases has "inundated" her office, so she will proceed to process only the most relevant ones.

On Dec. 30, Biberaj confirmed in the memo that some misdemeanors would be dropped, including thefts, home invasions and various reckless driving cases, among others. The move was widely criticized by local residents after local media shared a copy of the letter.

Biberaj said her decision was motivated by the need to devote more time to serious cases. She remarked that she could no longer prosecute every infraction and misdemeanor assigned to her:

To better serve our community and to ensure that we are providing safety and justice, we need to reallocate our resources towards the more egregious cases that are being charged by law enforcement and threaten the safety of our community. 

Criticism and link to Soros

Jason Miyares, Virginia's attorney general, questioned Biberaj's decision and said it "establishes a dangerous precedent." In addition, he said that "Virginians deserve better," and that these measures only encourage more crime.

To achieve her current position, Biberaj received support from the Political Action Committee for Justice and Public Safety, whose funding comes from George Soros, a well-known Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist.