VIDEO: Oklahoma gas pipeline explodes with 500-foot-high flare

The accident occurred in Elmwood, in the state's panhandle, emergency services responded to control the damage.

The Elmwood Fire Department, Oklahoma, reported a large fire in the municipal area due to the explosion of a gas pipeline. According to the Department, the explosion occurred near NS 154 Rd and EW 29 Rd, in Beaver County.

The explosion of the gas pipeline which was in operation at the time, caused a strong flare that rose to over 500 feet in height. The rare images of such an event were recorded by firefighters from the Elmwood Department.

The impressive flare could even be seen in satellite images. The scale of the event prevented emergency services from approaching initially. They had to wait for the flare to subside before they could put it out completely. According to local Texas channel ABC 7 Amarillo, the pipeline is owned by DCP Midstream.