Unseen moments from the inauguration of Javier Milei

From complicit laughter between the new president and Cristina Kirchner to a pause in the presidential motorcade to greet a dog, here are some of the gems from the libertarian's swearing-in.

Javier Milei became Argentina's new president on Sunday. The 53-year-old economist had a day packed with engagements that began early in the morning and ended late at night, with a gala event at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. So many hours of events produced a lot of material for the media and even some micro-moments that perhaps not everyone saw, such as Milei's "flirtation" with Cristina Kirchner, his reaction to seeing Mauricio Macri or the pause in the presidential motorcade to greet a dog.

The libertarian first took the oath in Congress in front of the now-former vice president and then addressed the citizens in his first speech with the presidential baton. He then headed to the Casa Rosada, where he received the leaders from abroad and spoke again, this time from the historic balcony.

"Flirting" with Cristina Kirchner

During his first stop, the new president was received by Kirchner, who first greeted him with a stone face in one of the many viral gestures she produced throughout the day. However, once they had the opportunity to chat briefly during the handover, they showed knowing laughter and seemingly good harmony.

Milei showed her the presidential baton, which was decorated with a carving of the faces of his five dogs: Conan, Robert, Lucas, Murray and Milton. The former president seemed surprised, and both exchanged some laughs during the ceremony.

"Presi": Milei's reaction when seeing Mauricio Macri

After the October general elections, Macri became one of the libertarian's closest political allies, first supporting his candidacy and then negotiating other support from Together for Change, the party that came third in the aforementioned elections.

Since then, both have exchanged compliments and held meetings regarding the formation of the cabinet and other political decisions. For the transfer of command, the former president was located to the left of Milei, along with a group of governors and former governors. The striking moment came when the libertarian noticed Macri's presence, at which point he was surprised and released an affectionate greeting of "Presi."

Milei stopped the presidential motorcade to greet a dog

In addition to the economy, the other strong passion of the new Argentine president is dogs. In addition to having five in his house, his scenes of affection with these animals abounded during the presidential campaign, and the day of his inauguration was no exception.

While traveling to the Casa Rosada in the presidential caravan, Milei saw a Golden Retriever in the crowd and did not hesitate to get out to greet him.

The cold greeting between Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández

The distant relationship between Kirchner and Fernández was no secret to anyone. Indeed, they rarely spoke over the past year, which became evident at Milei's inauguration.

When the still president entered Congress to relinquish power, he first winked at Milei and then prepared to place the symbolic presidential objects on him. Seconds later, he seemed hesitant to greet Kirchner, even making a gesture of resignation before approaching and greeting her.

When it was time to say goodbye, he seemed to give a kind of general greeting and then sneak out the back door.