Twenty-five injured after Microsoft co-founder's ship capsizes

Paul Allen's boat was involved in an accident in a shipyard in Edinburgh, Scotland due to high winds. Fifteen of the injured have been hospitalized.

A 250-foot-long ship owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen capsized at a shipyard in Edinburgh, Scotland, injuring 25 people. Initial investigations suggest that strong winds in the east of the European country may have caused the accident.

Adam McVey, a Scottish politician, explained that the vessel named RV Petrel was "dislodged from its holding in strong winds."

Scottish emergency services reported that 15 of the 25 injured were hospitalized, while the rest were treated at the scene of the accident and released immediately.

The RV Petrel came to prominence in 2017, when it discovered the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis, a military vessel that participated in World War II sunk by the Japanese army and in which 850 crew members died, in the Philippine Sea.