The Taliban thank Ireland, Norway and Spain for their recognition of the State of Palestine

According to the Afghan Foreign Ministry, the decision of the three countries is a "positive step." In addition, they once again called for "urgent" measures to "defend the Palestinian nation."

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan thanked Ireland, Norway and Spain this Friday for their recognition of the State of Palestine. The three nations assured, last Wednesday, that on May 28, they will join the more than 140 member states of the United Nations that will recognize the Palestinian nation.

This, the fundamentalist Afghan Taliban movement noted in a statement, represents a "positive step" since not only do they have the support of these three countries but recently other nations such as Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Bahamas, who also decided to recognize the State of Palestine while Israel increasingly faces criticism from the rest of the countries, who do not understand their fight against the terrorist group Hamas:

Taliban blames Israel for war

In the letter, the Taliban assure "the Palestian land as the historical & legitimate right of the Palestian nation" blaming the country of Israel for the war, which they define as a "Zionist invaders":

IEA-MoFA deems the Palestian land as the historical & legitimate right of the Palestian nation, & strongly condemns the ongoing genocide by the Zionist invaders directed at broader regional instability.

Not only that, the Afghan Foreign Ministry asked countries, "in particular the Islamic states" to adopt "urgent measures" with the intention of guaranteeing "the freedom of the Palestinian nation":

IEM-MoFA once again calls on the international community, in particular the Islamic states to take urgent measures to prevent the ongoing disaster in accordance to their responsability & the right of defense & freedom of the Palestinian nation.