The brother of 'Niño Guerrero,' leader of the Tren de Agua criminal organization, was arrested in Spain

Jason Robert Guerrero Flores was handed over to the 4th Central Instruction Court 4 of the National Court. He was sentenced to prison before his extradition to Venezuela.

The Spanish National Police reported that they arrested a prominent member of the international criminal organization Tren de Aragua. They detained Jason Robert Guerrero Flores, Héctor Guerrero Flores' brother, better known as Niño Guerrero. He is one of the leaders of the criminal gang.

"The National Police is trying to confirm whether the detainee, who had settled in Spain, was trying to establish and expand the criminal organization in our country in order to operate similarly to the Americas, where the group is originally from," the police wrote in a statement posted on its official website.

The Spanish agents stated that the Tren de Aragua is an international criminal organization known for "its active participation in various international forums where its presence and criminal activities have already been exposed in other countries."

According to the authorities, the detainee was handed over to the Fourth Central Instruction Court of the National Court. He was sentenced to prison before his extradition to Venezuela.

Tren de Aragua is a criminal group originating from Venezuela, considered to be the most powerful criminal gang in the country. Until a few months ago it operated out of the Aragua Penitentiary Center (Tocorón) located in the central region of that Ibero-American country. This organization is notorious for engaging in murder, extortion, kidnappings, human trafficking, and other crimes.