Texas: one arrested in murder of 16-year-old cheerleader in Edna

Authorities have charged Rafael Govea Romero, an undocumented immigrant, with capital murder.

The death of young Hispanic cheerleader, Lizabeth Medina, has resulted in the arrest of an undocumented immigrant, who was incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail on Sunday. According to the Edna (Texas) Police Department, Rafael Govea Romero is facing charges for the capital murder of the 16-year-old girl at her home in Edna.

Law enforcement officers located Govea Romero in the town of Schulenburg after an investigation involving several agencies in the state and other cities. Although without a decision from the judge, the Edna Police Department assured in its press release that this is the killer who took the life of Lizabeth Medina on December 5.

The accused could now face the death penalty.

Murdered in her home

Alarm bells went off in Edna when Lizabeth Medina's team was waiting for her to join their Christmas celebrations in the city. Her mother then went to the family home and found her daughter in the bathtub with no signs of life. Despite attempts by the mother and emergency services to revive the minor, Medina lost her life that day.

The Edna Police Department, along with the Texas Rangers, took over the investigation. The crime shook the small community, which held a vigil for the cheerleader's death the same day.