'Socialism leads to slavery and death': Javier Milei attacks the left at Europe VIVA 24

The president of Argentina participated in the event organized by the Spanish political party led by Santiago Abascal. Figures such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, French Deputy Marine Le Pen and Portuguese Deputy André Ventura also participated.

Homeland, freedom, prosperity and future. With the intention of defending these values, right-wing leaders and defenders of freedom in the world met this weekend during the Viva 2024 event organized by Spanish political party Vox, led by Santiago Abascal. The activity had several guests, but one stood out among them: Argentine President Javier Milei. Marine Le Pen, deputy and former presidential candidate of France; André Ventura, deputy of Portugal, and José Antonio Kast, president of the Republican Party of Chile, also participated in the event.

The prime ministers of Italy and Hungary, Viktor Orbán and Giorgia Meloni, participated virtually. Thus, the Vistalegre Arena Palace in Madrid was the site for speeches from world leaders highlighting the importance of citizens defending the ideas of freedom and rising up against socialism and communism, not only in Europe but throughout the world.

That is precisely what Mercedes Schlapp, former director of strategic communications of the White House during the Trump administration, insisted on. Schlapp argued that communists who want to end people's freedoms must be stopped. She insisted on demanding that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela achieve freedom.

"We cannot allow the communists to win. We must make sure that we do everything we can do for our freedom. Freedom for Cuba and Venezuela," said Schlapp, met with a massive applause from those in attendance at the event, where Voz Media was reporting live.

Likewise, Roger Severino, vice president of the Heritage Foundation, assured that President Donald Trump had many achievements during his administration. However, he highlighted that at the moment when he was consolidating his success as president, he was interrupted. For this reason, he said, he hopes that Trump returns to the White House this year to fulfill his promises.

Meanwhile, André Ventura, deputy of Portugal and president of Portuguese political party Chega, maintained that, although he hopes Trump wins the presidency, the defense of freedom transcends the names of leaders. He assured that the cultural battle that is taking place is intended to prevent the end of Western civilization as it is known today.

"It's not just about a leader. What is truly at stake is the future of civilization," Ventura explained.

José Antonio Kast, leader of the Republican Party of Chile, specified that in the case of his country, the government under Gabriel Boric, who he called a political transvestite, is the worst in the nation's history since the departure of dictator Salvador Allende:

"He is a political transvestite who promised that under his government the tomb of liberalism would come, and now as president he intends to give us a lecture on economic growth and investments. That government that today disguises itself as a police force, that uses harsh language against immigration, has not changed anything. The radical left does not change, it only disguises itself, transforms and crossdresses politically. They do it because they feel defeated, but as soon as they have more strength again, they will return with their revolutionary desires and validate violence as a method of political action," Kast highlighted.

Meanwhile, the leader of Spanish political party Vox, Santiago Abascal, highlighted the defense of family and prosperity. Furthermore, he mentioned that the consequences of illegal immigration are the responsibility of socialists. Abascal emphasized that Europeans, in his opinion, should vote on June 7 for a change of course in the European Union. He also thanked Israel's Minister of Diaspora Affairs Amichai Chikli for attending the event. 

"Let's build together a Europe that respects the sovereignty of nations, the right of each people to choose their future. A Europe that protects its borders, that protects its wealth and that exploits its own resources so as not to depend on hostile powers, that protects the family as a fundamental institution of our society and life from conception to natural death; to banish all those who seek to subject it to different fanaticisms, old or new, it does not matter to us whether they have landed on the beaches or whether they have come on private planes," Abascal said.

The most anticipated speech was that of Argentine President Javier Milei, who reviewed the evils of socialism and maintained that more and more people are leaving communism behind and welcoming the ideas of freedom. He explained how capitalism helped the development of civilization and the prosperity of countries.

"This ideology hides the worst of human beings, which is envy, hatred, resentment, unequal treatment before the law and, if necessary, murder. Let us not forget that the socialists murdered 150 million human beings," said Milei.

Likewise, Milei pointed out that "socialism necessarily results in slavery and death. Opening the door to socialism is inviting death. Do you know what is best for workers? Let them freely agree on their pay with their employers. Do they know what is best for women? They should stop treating them like victims who need special care."

"The function of the state, if it exists, is to defend the life, property and freedoms of individuals. Global elites do not realize how destructive it can be to implement the ideas of socialism, because they have it too far away, they do not know what type of society and country they can produce, what type of people cling to power and what levels of abuse they can generate," Milei pointed out.

Ciudadanos apoyan a Javier Milei durante su discurso en Viva 2024

Finally, the Argentine president maintained that he will continue fighting the cultural battle whether he is president or not. In his opinion, defenders of freedom continue to fight regardless of whether they hold an elected position.

"I don't give a damn about the opinion of leftists. They tell me, How are you going to talk like that about other international leaders? I say: the cultural battle is an inalienable commitment. Freedom always prevails over death, and good always triumphs over evil. ... Let's not give in to socialism. We are going to face it with greater courage," Milei expressed.