Shooting at birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, leaves four dead, 28 injured

The authorities have revealed the exact number of people killed and injured in the attack, which could include minors. They have not given information about arrests.

A shooting took place this Saturday in the town of Dadeville, Alabama. According to BNO News, the attack occurred at a teenage birthday party. According to local authorities quoted by Fox News, four people were killed and up to 28 wounded in the attack.

According to BNO News, it was a 'Sweet 16' party held downtown near Green and Broadnax Streets. Dadeville, in Tallapoosa County, has about 3,000 inhabitants. Authorities did not report any arrests related to the Dadeville incident to the media.

Alabama authorities took a while to report the exact number of fatalities in this attack. They have not yet confirmed whether there there were minors among them. BNO News revealed that a local WRBL News 3 reporter said that at least six minors were shot.