Russian research turns the Falkland Islands into "the most valuable real estate on Earth"

The research uncovered the world's largest oil reserve, equivalent to 10 times the North Sea's output over the last 50 years and double all of Saudi Arabia's reserves.

A media leak put the world's main powers on alert. Russia leaked information on BRICS News about scientific research carried out in Antarctica by from the Alexander Karpinsky vessel, operated by the Russian company Rosgeo. The investigation discovered the largest oil reserve in the world. The find is estimated to be equivalent to 10 times the North Sea's output over the last 50 years and double all of Saudi Arabia's reserves.

The discovery is located in an area between the South Pole and the Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea, located in the Argentine Antarctic Territory. Recent studies have also identified large oil and gas reserves in this area. This region also has claims from Chile and the United Kingdom. The information could spark new controversies in the dispute over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands (known in Great Britain as the Falkland Islands), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The news has generated suspicion around the world. Many fear that Russia's activity violates the Antarctic Treaty, the international agreement signed in 1959 by 12 countries, which took effect in 1961, suspending disputes over sovereignty claims on the continent for 40 years. The agreement has been key to keeping Antarctica free of geopolitical conflicts. Russia insists that it will remain within the Antarctic Treaty, which regulates international relations on the continent and establishes that Antarctica must be used exclusively for peaceful purposes, expressly prohibiting militarization. Although the treaty does allow “scientific research” into mineral resources, which is the umbrella activity under which Russia operates.

The Telegraph reported that the Kremlin's "next step" will be to "involve Argentina" based on the territorial claim that the country has against Great Britain. According to the outlet, Vladimir Putin would provide "diplomatic and military assistance" in the dispute over the sovereignty of the Malvinas. In this scenario, The Telegraph claims that the country has "no means" to defend itself since it claims that "The Royal Navy is at a low point, with both hull and personnel numbers creating tension at every turn." 

The issue was reportedly put on the table in the British Parliament last week, while the Argentine government, which knows the data on energy reserves, has remained reserved regarding the information leak. However, The Telegraph has taken matters one step further, suggesting that the Falkland Islands have become "the most valuable real estate on Earth." It warned that Putin could "cause problems" in the region. In short, the discovery that could redefine the world's energy future has just become a potential focus of conflict in Antarctica.