Russia strikes Ukraine by sea and air with more than 120 cruise missiles

It is one of the largest attacks since the war began. The Ukrainian government claims the attack was aimed to "destroy critical infrastructure and massively kill civilians."

Russia on Thursday launched more than 120 cruise missiles by sea and air over Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the head of the Ukrainian President's Office, reported. This is one of the largest attacks on Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24.

Ukrainian cities affected by the missile barrage include Kiev, Kharkov and Lviv, according to their respective authorities.

The Air Forces Command reported in a message reproduced by the Ukrinform news agency that "after a night attack by kamikaze drones, the enemy is attacking Ukraine from various directions with air- and sea-based cruise missiles from strategic aircraft and ships. In addition, there is high activity by the occupiers’ tactical aircraft."

As a result of these attacks at least three people were injured in the Ukrainian capital as a result of falling missile fragments, including a 14-year-old girl. All of them are hospitalized.

One of Russia's biggest offensives

Following Thursday's Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, energy supply is complicated in western Ukraine, while in Kiev 40% of the population is without electricity.

The situation is even more critical in Lviv where 90% of the city is without access to electricity.