Russia bombs several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev

The Ukrainian capital had not been attacked since June. The move appears to be Russia's response to the destruction of the Crimean bridge.

On Monday, Russia launched an attack on major Ukrainian cities, including Kiev. The wave of 75 bombings,  as reported by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, comes two days after the explosion that partially destroyed the Crimean bridge, which Russia accused Ukraine of attacking. Now Ukraine calls Russia a "terrorist state."

This morning, the Russian federation, the terrorist state, launched 75 missiles against Ukraine. 41 of them have been shot down.

It had been months since Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, had been attacked. The last bombing took place on June 26. Local media and agencies reported at least five dead and a dozen injured.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the death and wounded tolls from the bombing on social media. "They are trying to destroy us all, wipe us off the face of the earth," Zelenski said.

Putin convenes the Security Council

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin convenes his Security Council on Monday after accusing Ukraine of blowing up the strategic bridge linking Crimea to Russia which it uses to bring supplies to its troops in Ukraine.

The meeting includes key ministers, political leaders and representatives of security services and the military.

On Sunday, Putin accused Ukrainian secret services of triggering the powerful explosion that on Saturday partially destroyed the bridge connecting mainland Russia to the peninsula annexed in 2014, calling the incident a "terrorist act." The international community also condemned the destruction of the Crimean bridge.