Roger Marshall asks Senate to declare border with Mexico an "invasion" of the U.S.-Mexico border

Six Texas counties have already applied. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has described the border as "a war zone."

Roger Marshall, a Republican senator from Kansas, will promote a resolution by which the Senate would declare that there is an "invasion" of the national territory from Mexico. The news, which was advanced by Breitbart has been confirmed on Twitter by the senator himself:

Declaration of invasion

According to the text of the senator's petition, to which the newspaper has had access, Roger Marshall will say before the rest of the members of the Upper House: "I rise to ask that my resolution be approved by unanimous consent to express (...) that the unprecedented crisis on the southern border constitutes an invasion of the United States of America, and that repelling the dangerous invasion underway across the southern border is part of the constitutional right of state governors".

In addition, Marshall encourages all other senators "to support this resolution because the federal government has failed - intentionally or not - in its obligation to protect the states from invasion under Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution."

A "war zone

Four counties The Texas state government declared in early July that they are facing an "invasion" due to the massive and irregular arrival of undocumented immigrants. In addition other two at the end of the month. South Dakota Governor,
Kristi Noem
said that the border is currently "a war zone".

Senator Marshall recalls what Joe Biden's position has been all along: "During his campaign to become president, Joe Biden made it clear to the entire world that if he became president, America would be open; not open for business, but our southern border would be open - wide open, for anyone and everyone to violate our nation's immigration laws, and take advantage of America's generosity.

Joe Biden's responsibility

Moreover, "one of his first actions as president was to send a bill to Congress that would provide a path to naturalization for 10 to 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States." Finally, "on his first day in office, he halted construction of President Trump's border wall and halted the program Staying in Mexico". The fact is that it has recently come to light that the president has ordered
expand Trump's wall
Trump's wall that he had promised to stall.

His request to the Senate has numerous mentions of Joe Biden's open borders policy, from his candidacy in the Democratic primaries to his tenure as president.