Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sends a message to Hispanics in Spanish criticizing the economic efforts of Biden and Trump

In the video, the presidential candidate promised that he would present an economic plan that supports the middle class and not the large corporations on Wall Street.

In an election campaign video, which coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month, outsider candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched a campaign video in Spanish aimed at the Hispanic community criticizing the latest economic efforts of Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

In a four-minute message, Kennedy, who apparently has everything ready to leave the Democratic Party and run as an independent, promised that he would present an economic plan that supports the middle class and not the large corporations on Wall Street.

“Good morning, friends. I am Robert Kennedy. Presidents Biden and Trump are proud of what they have done for the American economy. But I ask you, why is the average income in this country $5,000 less than the basic cost of living index? Why are a quarter of Americans food insecure? And why in this country can't the majority pay for a $1,000 emergency?” began the presidential candidate, who has won much praise in the conservative world.

“Essential expenses are rising much faster than salaries. The last two administrations have created this crisis with policies that benefit Wall Street billionaires and weapons manufacturers, while the middle class is left behind,” Kennedy continued. “Not only that, they have the nerve to seek re-election based on their economic programs. And if any of them are elected, the public can expect more of the same.”

Later, the Democratic candidate detailed what he feels has been “more of the same” for the economy.

“More useless searches to find a home that is not too expensive. More rice and beans instead of meat and chicken to help you pay at the supermarket. More cancellation of medical appointments because there is no money to pay for a doctor. More billions spent on foreign wars while here in our land teachers have to buy their own school supplies,” he stated.

Finally, Kennedy closed with a promise for everyday Americans.

“It is time for the American people to have a president who will work to improve the people's economy. Over the next few weeks I will publish an economic plan focused on reforming the government's serious mismanagement that has made six essential expenses very expensive today,” he said. “Housing, food, childcare, utilities, transportation to work and health care you need to survive because you are not alone in this fight. And your financial anxieties were created by the government and you deserve a government that can improve your country's economy.”