The left is pushing initiatives that, under a rhetoric of inclusiveness and representation, undermine the very essence of our system.

The founding of our democratic republic is based on the sanctity of free and fair elections, where every legitimate vote counts and the voice of every American citizen is heard. However, this pillar of our democracy is threatened by the left's alarming push to allow illegal aliens to vote. This push is often disguised as a rhetoric of inclusivity and representation, but make no mistake: allowing illegal aliens to vote fundamentally distorts the democratic process.

The right to vote is a privilege and responsibility reserved for American citizens who are committed to the future of our nation and have a legal interest in its governance. The repercussions of such policies are profound and dangerous, undermining the very essence of our electoral system and eroding the American people's trust in their government.

Leftist-controlled localities have already approved voting by illegal immigrants in local elections

San Francisco and numerous other left-controlled metropolises have already passed laws allowing illegal aliens to participate in local elections. Just a few weeks ago, 143 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted against a bill that would repeal a Washington, D.C. law passed by its progressive city council that allows illegal aliens to vote in local elections. Advocates argue that these measures ensure that all residents, regardless of their immigration status, have a voice in local government.

Allowing illegal aliens to vote undermines the principle of citizenship, devalues ​​the rights and responsibilities that come with it, and sets a dangerous precedent. This is a clear threat to the fabric of our democracy. When citizens perceive that their votes are being diluted by those who have no legal right to participate or even be in this country, it fosters cynicism and disengagement. Trust in the electoral process is essential to a functioning democracy, but allowing illegal aliens to vote undermines this trust.

An initiative that incentivizes the arrival of illegal immigrants

The left's effort to allow illegal aliens to vote also incentivizes illegal immigration. At the same time, it sends a message that violating our laws will be rewarded with the most precious right in our democracy: the right to vote. This not only exacerbates the immigration crisis created by the Biden administration's open border policies, but also places an additional burden on state and local resources as governments struggle to accommodate an influx of illegal aliens seeking to exploit these voting privileges.

To preserve the integrity of our elections, we must take decisive action against this dangerous trend. This includes:

  • Enact and enforce strict voter ID laws to ensure that only American citizens can participate in our elections. These laws should require proof of citizenship at the time of voter registration and at the polls. Additionally, states must pass legislation that explicitly prohibits illegal aliens from voting at all levels of government. Federal oversight will likely be necessary to ensure compliance and protect the rights of our citizens.
  • Improved enforcement mechanisms to prevent and punish electoral fraud. This includes increasing resources for election officials and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute illegal alien voting cases. A zero-tolerance policy on voter fraud, along with strict penalties, will serve as a deterrent to those who consider violating our election laws.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of electoral integrity. We must educate the public about the dangers of illegal alien voting and the steps being taken to safeguard our elections. Civic education programs should emphasize the responsibilities of citizenship and the sanctity of the voting process.
  • Secure our borders to prevent illegal entry and reduce the likelihood that illegal aliens will attempt to participate in our electoral process. A strong and secure border is the first line of defense to maintain the rule of law and protect our democratic institutions.
  • Federal and state governments working together to ensure voter records are accurate and up-to-date. This includes regularly auditing voter registration databases and removing ineligible voters, including illegal aliens, from the rolls. Last month, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose ordered an audit and removal of people who appeared on voter rolls after it was confirmed on multiple occasions that some were not American citizens.

The right to vote is a sacred right granted to American citizens. It is incumbent on us to ensure the integrity of our electoral process. The future of our republic depends on vigilance and our unwavering commitment to protecting every citizen's right to vote.

Bob Unanue serves as a member of the board of directors of the America First Policy Institute and president of the Hispanic Leadership Coalition. He is president of Goya Foods and Goya Cares, and served as executive producer of the film Sound of Freedom.

Jorge Martínez is a Hispanic affairs strategist and spokesperson for the America First Policy Institute. He previously served as press secretary at the United States Department of Justice.