Podcast: The massive bribery scandal surrounding the Biden family

We spoke with analyst César Grajales about the House Oversight Committee's findings regarding the Bidens' business dealings.

For months, numerous committees in the House of Representatives have been investigating a possible influence peddling scheme of enormous magnitude involving the Biden family. The House Oversight Committee has been working to clarify whether President Joe Biden was involved in these businesses and whether he directly benefited from them. In today's podcast, we talk with political analyst César Grajales about the scandals surrounding the presidential family and the implications this has for the country.

Grajales recalls that since the information on Hunter Biden's missing computer was made public, revealing information about the Biden family's alleged bribery scheme, most media outlets decided not to cover the matter. The few that did it, like the New York Post, were censored. He also highlights that the Democratic Party stated that all accusations regarding the Biden family's shady business dealings were "misinformation." However, little by little, more and more evidence has come to light about the potential involvement of president's son and other members of the family.

Americans distrust the judicial system

Regarding the multiple investigations and hearings that Congress is carrying out on the matter, Grajales affirms that it is essential that progress be made in these investigations for multiple reasons. In principle, the he says that no one, no matter how much power they have, should be above the law, and if President Biden indeed participated in the influence-peddling scheme, he must answer for these crimes. But Grajales also points to the low confidence that Americans have in the justice system and affirms that it is essential for this country that these investigations are carried out fully.

Regarding Americans' distrust in the judicial system, we also talked about the Trump phenomenon. Grajales believes that the fact that the former president has an overwhelming advantage in the primary polls, even though he is currently under several investigations, is largely explained because people see the double standard that the justice system has for Democrats and Republicans.