Podcast: Is China taking over Latin America?

G77+China summit in Cuba calls on the Global South to 'change the rules of the game'

The commercial and financial relations of the Communist Party of China with Latin America are increasingly stronger and generating concern. Added to that, political meetings and international summits such as the G77+China, in which a call was made to "change the rules of the game" of the global order, reveal the Chinese communist regime's desire to join Latin America in its fight against the United States and, in general, against the democratic order and freedom.

Over the past two decades, China has become a key trading partner with Latin America. China is currently the most important export market for South America and the second largest trading partner - in goods - of all of Latin America, ranking after the US and far ahead of the European Union.

Even more worrying is China's progress in financial matters, the billion-dollar loans that China has granted to the countries in the region, which include quite risky clauses that are shaping the local and foreign policy of Latin America, for the benefit of the Chinese communist regime.

In this podcast, we talk with Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society; and Visiting Fellow of the Heritage Foundation, on the G77+China Summit, held in Cuba. We also analyze the objectives of the Chinese regime in Latin America. Humire warns about China's intention to change the world order and turn Latin American countries into allies of the regime to confront the United States.

In this episode, we also analyze China's particular businesses in Latin America, as well as the million-dollar loans, with clauses that allow China to take economic, but above all political, control of the countries in Latin America.