Podcast: Culture has been taken over by the left

Progressives have taken over Hollywood in such a way that many films today are simply unbearable.

For those of us who are aware that the left has produced poverty in the places where it has come to power, it is upsetting to see how these ideas have taken over culture. These days, it is difficult for many to find movies or television series that do not include progressive ideas explicitly or implicitly. In today's podcast, we talk about how the left has taken over cinema and other artistic expressions and the problem this implies for society. Our guest is Ignacio García Medina, a member of the Juan de Mariana Institute in Spain.

For García Medina, the left has taken culture to such a level that its work of indoctrination is already evident. "My nephew, who is a child, already knows that these days a woman can never be the bad guy in the movie, because feminism no longer allows that to happen," our guest explains. He adds that it is now evident that art has become a vehicle for political propaganda.

He also highlights that it is essential to understand that cinema, what we see on television, and culture in general determine how people see the world and their political choices. However, García Medina believes that the role of those of us who oppose the ideas of the left should not only be to criticize and laugh at what has happened in the art world or the crazy speeches of woke actors but rather to make a place for ourselves in those spaces and offer our own cultural alternatives.

In this podcast, we talk about how the left has taken over culture to the point of making many of the films and series of the moment unbearable political propaganda. We also discuss the problems and challenges that this implies.