Outrage with Doritos for signing a controversial trans artist who defended child abuse and called for family annihilation

Social media users are lashing out at PepsiCo for collaborating with controversial artist Samantha Hudson.

Spain-based PepsiCo, which makes the famed Doritos snack, faces a furious backlash on social media after signing a "paid collaboration" with controversial transgender singer and activist Ivan Gonzalez Ranedo, better known by his stage name, Samantha Hudson.

In a collaboration for Doritos' "Crunch Talks" campaign, Hudson posted a video on TikTok last week chatting with influencer Alba Moreno.

While the publication went largely unnoticed, this Monday, many users hit upon the campaign and recalled Hudson's worst track record, such as his controversial tweets in 2015 where he claimed to hate "raped women" or his controversial songs where he openly mocks Jesus Christ, Christianity, the Virgin Mary and the Catholic Church with obscene lyrics that allude to his sexual preferences.

Users on social media, especially in Spain, did not hesitate to call for a boycott against Doritos in particular and PepsiCo products in general after seeing the collaboration with Hudson, in a move similar to the 2023 campaign against Bud Light beer after launching a campaign with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In fact, the controversy is so great that it even transcended Spain, with conservative influencers in the United States joining the boycott and questioning PepsiCo's decision to hire Samantha Hudson for its "Crunch Talks" campaign.

So far, PepsiCo has not commented on the controversy surrounding the trans artist.

Who is Samantha Hudson and why is he so controversial?

The trans singer, who was born in 1999 in Mallorca, made his first claim to fame in 2015 when he released the grotesque song "Maricón," a musical school project that was created for the subject of Audiovisual Culture that contained notoriously derogatory fragments towards Christianity.

Part of the lyrics read:

"I'm queer and I love Jesus Christ.
But that doesn't matter much to the fucking bishop.
He kicked me out of church for making a scene
I was just yelling at Jesus that I'm fucking Him
I'm a faggot, but I'm also a Christian
They don't accept me because I f*ck in the anus
I didn't know that anal sex was a sin.
I'm sure the Virgin had already practiced it".

Of course, the video clip generated outrage in Spanish society, with political parties and Christian organizations condemning Hudson's message, who, as a result of the controversy, ended up excommunicated by the bishop of Mallorca.

In those years, Hudson was still a minor (15), and, in addition to his controversial single, he published even more grotesque content on his social media, especially on Twitter (now X), where he wrote messages such as: "I hate women who are rape victims and turn to self-help centers to get over their trauma, you annoying bitches," "fucking* slut you're stuffed and they let you in for slutty," "I want to do hooligan things like shove a 12-year-old girl up my a**" and "I'm mad I can't kick Greta Thunberg in the face."

According to RTVE, the Spanish state media, in 2021, Samantha Hudson spoke about his past tweets and stated that he did not remember writing them and regretted them.

He apologized and justified his comments by explaining that he was very young and reckless and thought his messages were "black humor."

"Anyway, I feel terrible that I wrote that at some point in my life just to try to get attention and pretend to be 'funny.' I was 15 years old and I thought that playing dumb like that and frivolizing with such delicate topics was the best thing to do. I apologize to everyone," said the artist, who never apologized for his lyrics of the single "Maricón," even though it also coincided with the time when he wrote his questionable tweets.

Samantha Hudson has not ceased to be controversial

Far from adopting a demure persona away from the public eye, Hudson, in recent years, has chosen to nurture his controversial persona, becoming an LGBT activist who advocates the destruction of gender and the traditional family and professes hatred against men and conservatives in Spain.

For example, in a program for Spanish state television in 2022, Hudson said he advocated for "destroying and annihilating" completely "the traditional monogamous family."

That same year, in statements to El Televisero during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Glamour magazine, Hudson openly called for the destruction of the institution of the police and also for the illegalization of the conservative party VOX, the political group led by right-wing leader Santiago Abascal.

"What is there left to move forward? Vox must be outlawed, end the police, end the social hierarchy and long live anarchism," Hudson said.

In another interview in November 2023, the trans artist had no qualms about admitting that he would "piss" on the Spanish Constitution.

In his podcast, where he has more informal conversations with his partner, María Barriero, he laughingly admitted that he kicked a friend of his in the uterus.

"If I don't have a uterus, neither do you. And I erased the woman", the trans artist stated. His controversial statements in his declarations and songs always characterize him.

But in addition to all his controversial facets, Samantha Hudson is a public figure revered and financed by the Spanish socialist government.

The Ministry of Equality, led by self-styled feminist Irene Montero, spent almost 20,000 euros of Spanish taxpayers' money on an event where he awarded Hudson as part of "the commemoration of June 28th, LGTBI Pride Day".