Oregon school refuses to reveal if student who attacked girl is transgender

The school's representative argued that federal privacy laws prevent the district from talking about students' gender identity.

A high school in Tualatin, Oregon, refused to comment on whether a student who was recorded hitting another classmate in the school hallway is transgender.

Recently, a video went viral showing how a student dressed in women's clothing at Hazelbrook High School grabbed a smaller girl by the backpack, threw her to the ground, grabbed her by the hair and hit her repeatedly. In the video, you can also hear how the victim cries after being attacked, saying that she cannot breathe and claiming that she had not done anything.

To date, it is not known what caused the fight and the identities of the two people involved have not been made public. However, several social media users were upset by the attack and stated that the aggressor actually appeared to be transgender due to their appearance and clothing.

The video of the fight was shared by former swimmer Riley Gaines, who has campaigned against the participation of transgender women in women's sports.

The school refuses to give information

Despite suspicions, the school has refused to clarify the situation. Traci Rose, the Hazelbrook High School representative, argued that federal privacy laws prevent the school district from talking about a student's gender identity.

Incident under investigation

Tigard-Tualatin school officials announced that the incident is now under criminal investigation and that the person who carried out the attack was arrested and faces assault charges.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that schools have tried to cover up incidents with transgender students. In fact, the former school superintendent of Loudoun County, Virginiafaces trial after he said at a school board meeting that there were no sexual assaults in the bathrooms, even though he knew that a transgender student raped a ninth-grade student.