No more billionaires: Bernie Sanders calls for confiscating all money people make over $999 million

The progressive senator from Vermont confirmed this in an interview with CNN, where he called for a more progressive tax policy.

For Bernie Sanders, no one person should be able to make more than $1 billion. Your solution? Simple, every penny earned above that figure will go into the government's coffers. He said so in a recent interview with CNN, in which he also advocated for a more progressive tax system.

The Vermont senator is one of the lawmakers who called for the most tax hikes. During his second presidential campaign, the 2020 campaign, he was expressly asked whether people should be able to earn money and accumulate wealth. Without mincing words, he responded as follows:
"I don't think billionaires should exist."

"Let me be very clear: as president of the United States, I will reduce the outrageous and grotesque and immoral level of income and wealth inequality," he added at the time, although he acknowledged that his plan could not be implemented overnight.

This time, Sanders returned to the subject in an interview with Chris Wallace for CNN. "Are you basically saying that once you get to $999 million, the government should confiscate all the rest?" the reporter asked, to which Sanders first responded, "I'm saying we should go back to a very progressive tax policy."

Not content with the first response, Wallace returned to the charge. "Over $1 billion basically all going to the government?". On this second occasion, the senator responded affirmatively with a "yes." "You can disagree with me, fine. Yes, I think people can get by on $999 million," he added.

Also in dialogue with CNN, this time for the State of the Union program, the Democrat referred to the 2024 presidential elections, in which Joe Biden will seek a second term. Although he acknowledged that he has "strong differences of opinion" with the president, he was confident about his chances of winning reelection.

"If you believe in democracy, if you want more people to vote and not fewer, I think the choice is pretty clear. And that choice is Biden," Sanders said. If "they stand up to the greed of the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, Wall Street, all the big money interests, and start delivering for the working class, I think Biden is going to win in a landslide," the 81-year-old senator added.

For the time being, Biden faces domestic challenges from Robert Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson. In the last polls, both measured 19% and 9%, respectively.