Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega's regime withdraws its ambassador in Argentina ahead of Milei's inauguration

"In the face of repeated statements by the new leaders, the government ... has proceeded to recall its Ambassador, Carlos Midence ... immediately," says the statement reported by Nicaraguan media.

Daniel Ortega's regime in Nicaragua ordered the withdrawal of its ambassador in Argentina due to its disapproval of Argentine president-elect Javier Milei.

Ortega and Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo congratulated Milei on his victory. However, the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada announced the news of the ambassador's withdrawal in a brief statement reported by the media in the capital of Managua.

According to the text, the action occurs due to "repeated statements and expressions of the new rulers" against the Nicaraguan regime:

In the face of repeated statements and expressions from the new rulers, the government ... has proceeded to withdraw its ambassador, fellow writer and communicator, Carlos Midence. The withdrawal is effective immediately.

Milei has repeatedly stated that he will not encourage or promote "relations with communists, nor with Cuba, nor with Venezuela, nor with North Korea, nor with Nicaragua, nor with China."

The United States and the European Union have established sanctions against the Ortega regime for the brutal repression it has carried out against dissidents of his dictatorship.