New train derailment in Arizona

Although the train was carrying chemicals among its cargo, no spills have been detected in the rail accident.

A train loaded with hazardous material derailed Wednesday in Arizona. The accident occurred in Mohave County, north of Lake Havasu City, close to the California border. The causes of the accident are not yet known.

According to local authorities, the train was carrying a load of chemicals, but no spills have been reported. No fatalities or injuries were reported in the accident near the Topock Bridge. The railroad tracks cross just above the Colorado River.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating the Topock incident with railroad authorities. According to Amtrak information, the accident caused severe delays on trips to and from Los Angeles.

This accident adds to a series of derailments that have occurred in the country since the East Palestine, Ohio tragedy, the worst of all due to the extensive environmental damage caused. The East Palestine accident caused severe air, water and soil contamination due to the release of large quantities of chemicals. The Arizona train derailment is the 10th freight train to derail since the Ohio incident.

The State of Ohio filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Norfolk Southern, the railroad company responsible for the train wreck in East Palestine. According to Dave Yost, state attorney general, the goal of the lawsuit is to ensure that Norfolk Southern pays for cleanup and remediation of the damage caused by the chemical spill.